Molaviajar seguro de viaje

Molaviajar seguro de viaje


As an architect he has a long career behind him but as an urban photographer he has made it onto the Forbes list. With 747,000 followers, Nicanor is one of the best international influencers. His goal is to travel the world capturing urban snapshots in which geometry and clarity predominate. His photos may seem simple at first glance but they hide incredible perspectives. Because beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

This couple has traveled the five continents. The scenery of their photographs is always spectacular and full of color and stories to tell. Immortalized moments that invite you to discover new places. They currently have 168,000 followers.

Bangkok has once again been our gateway to Thailand and with it, a new slap in the face of reality as we found a totally different city to how we remembered it . . . But this change has not been bad, far from it. We simply believe that it is evolution and adaptation to a new era. . . . We remembered a much more chaotic city. With much more visible traditions and much broader smiles. . ➿ Now everything is much calmer and many areas have changed to adapt to tourists, with all that this entails. . . ✔️Despite that, we also have to say that there are not as many people as we expected and we were able to visit many, many places practically alone, something we loved. . . Thailand, you’re still amazing so far! . . . ❤️ How are you liking the first stories? . #bangkok #bangkok #bangkok #watarun #wataruntemple #streettravelers #ig_bangkok #ig_thailand #lostinthailand #thailanddestiny

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MolaViajar es el blog de Adrián, Gosia y la última en llegar, la pequeña Daniela. El proyecto, que nació para mantener informada a la familia, ha cogido tanta inercia que se ha convertido en un fenómeno de masas, donde los seguidores pueden disfrutar de divertidos vídeos, artículos y recomendaciones sobre sus viajes por el mundo.

Nuestro favorito fue durante nuestra gira mundial en 2012. Dormimos en casas de gente que no conocíamos, y terminamos en la casa de una mujer millonaria en Kuala Lumpur. Vivía en un rascacielos al lado de las Torres Petronas con una piscina en la azotea… fuimos dos días y nos quedamos 4 por el buen rollo que había con la familia. Durante 4 días no fuimos mochileros.

Nos encanta Tailandia a pesar de ser súper turística, su gente, su comida, sus paisajes… Nos encantó visitar Nueva Zelanda en caravana. Es difícil decir un lugar al que no volveríamos… pero quizás la India.

Debe ser la facilidad con la que explicamos las anécdotas, la gente se ríe con nosotros, te identificas con la pareja polaco-gallega que recorre el mundo luchando por sus sueños. Hoy las marcas quieren eso, no gastar millones en videos profesionales, las marcas quieren realidad, vida real.

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If a few days ago we brought you a great traveler like Sele, today we go to Galicia, especially to the city of Vigo, so you can meet this couple formed by a Polish woman and a man from Vigo. Couple that have thousands of kilometers on their backs with little luggage and with a lot of traveling experience that they share with all of us on their website: Without further ado we leave you with this traveler interview.

Well, mine is normal but in the end I always pack Gosi’s stuff because she is more conceited and has hair 😉 hahaha which I don’t and she needs to carry her hairdryer and stuff. We carry the basic things in a comfortable backpack, but as the trips go by you realize that you put things that you don’t need for anything and you have to carry it. If we were to go around the world again, we would carry half of the things we have carried in the last one 😉

Something very important for us is our computer and camera, so whenever we get internet, which in most places in the world are free, we take the opportunity to upload photos, videos to the blog and tell a little about our adventure.

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This cancellation insurance must be contracted at the time of booking the trip to be valid and generally covers up to two days before departure. Keep in mind that they do not always refund 100% of the money paid, inform you of this circumstance.

We have used this insurance company in some of our trips contracting the «Standard + Cancellation» policy, which is good value for money. On one of my trips I suffered a flight delay covered by the policy, on my return I presented the receipts and quickly received the corresponding compensation, it is in these cases when the efficiency and quality of the insurance companies is proven.

Although many people associate this insurance with funeral insurance, since it covers this type of eventualities, curiously it has a travel assistance insurance, the Ocaso Gold Plus, created for travelers who move around the world with excellent coverage, a good variable price depending on the age and the trip, and a good 24 hour attention service. It is one of the cheapest.

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