La final de mujeres hombres y viceversa

La final de mujeres hombres y viceversa

Mujeres hombre y viceversa a la carta

Juan burst in again claiming that he had spent the night with the master of ceremonies of Sálvame, who reacted by holding his laughter. The revelation provoked Dani’s anger, who said he felt hurt: «I’ve wasted my time».

Michael took it more philosophically: «If it has helped you to clarify your ideas, I want to continue knowing him. I care and it hurts me, but if it has helped him, I’m delighted,» he replied to Vázquez, with whom he will now have the possibility of starting a relationship outside the program.

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And is that this end is a great opportunity for the communication group to really renew the former Sogecable channel, since the dating show of Bulldog TV was the program that was furthest from the DNA of the network.

However, in early 2018, after its attrition in audiences, Mediaset decided to put an end to Mujeres y hombres on Telecinco and move the program under the excuse that «the target that this program has is akin to Cuatro».

Nothing could be further from the truth.  Mujeres y hombres y viceversa was not Fama, ¡a bailar!  It was not a reality show in which effort was rewarded as it was in the dance academy. It was not even ¿Quién quiere casarse con mi hijo, which more than a dating show was an editing and editing show.

As of today, Cuatro averages a 5.1% share, compared to 7% for its rival laSexta. This means that its total with Telecinco (15.4%) does not manage to beat the sum of Antena 3/laSexta (14.6% and 7%): that is, 20.5% versus 21.6%.

Mujeres hombres y viceversa el día de hoy

El programa está basado en el dating show italiano Uomini & Donne, y está enfocado a personas solteras. Los «tronistas» (de la palabra española/italiana «trono», porque el protagonista está sentado en un trono imaginario) son 4, normalmente 2 hombres y 2 mujeres. Son los protagonistas, cuyo objetivo es encontrar a su alma gemela entre algunos admiradores. Cada día el «tronista» puede conocer a nuevas personas, y tras una breve presentación de las mismas, puede decidir si sigue saliendo con ellas o no.

Además, el tronista decidirá con qué candidatos quiere salir fuera del estudio de televisión; durante la cita tiene la posibilidad de conocer mejor a los candidatos. Sin embargo, hay una regla fundamental que tanto los tronistas como los candidatos deben respetar: sólo pueden verse delante de las cámaras, nunca en privado. Si no se respeta esta regla, pueden ser expulsados del programa.

Cuando el tronista elige a su alma gemela, sólo hay unos cuantos candidatos esperando su decisión. También puede dejar el programa solo, si no elige a nadie. En consecuencia, otro hombre/mujer le sustituye en el trono[9].

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Mujeres y hombres y viceversa (also known by the acronym MyHyV) is a dating show produced by Bulldog TV and broadcast on Cuatro since January 24, 2018,[2][3] although since it premiered on June 9, 2008 until then, it aired on Telecinco[4] for 2,416 programs.

The program is based on the Italian format Uomini e donne and is aimed at people without a partner. The tronistas are between 4 and 6, usually boys and girls in equal parts. These are the protagonists, who receive suitors who come to conquer them. Each day, the «tronista» can receive suitors who, after a brief presentation, he decides whether he wants to meet them or not.

Afterwards, the «tronista» will decide the individual appointments with each suitor, where they will have the opportunity to talk and get to know each other better. The appointments have always been recorded outside the program although, since November 13, 2017, due to the discreet ratings of the program, the tronistas live together in a house located in Ciudalcampo (Madrid), where challenges or appointments that can be classic, blind or even shared with other tronistas are developed.[18] Even so, there is no enclosure, so they are not always in it and it is not necessary that the protagonists coincide inside.

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