Frases de extrañar a un amor

Frases de extrañar a un amor

I miss you very much my love and i miss you

If you have moved away from the love of your life for any reason, you should try to fight to get back the love that brought you together. With these phrases I am sure you will be able to reach the heart of your loved one and if not, you can share your own messages in the comments section so that many lovers can find love again.

Remembering and thinking about a person, can be a nice memory. And maybe in our life there were very important people who are no longer with us and we must value the legacy they left us.

The essential thing is to begin to realize your mistakes and the lessons that the suffering and pain left you. And to lean on those feelings in order to emerge as a better person. Even though life is very hard and difficult, there are always people who support us. And they will help us to overcome this stage so tell someone your problems and you will see how your burden will be reduced.

Telling a man that you miss him

The time we have been dating has served to discover new things I didn’t know about you and have served to confirm that I love you much more than yesterday».

I have been able to make me forget the most unpleasant and uncomfortable moments with your love because you light up my life, with your smile you are able to make me forget all the sadness, filling me with emotion from head to toe».

:: «This love, which is the most real of all, will one day take us together to the altar and then to the earthly Paradise, that is, to our home, where we will be together until we grow old, treasuring endless romantic moments».

Social networks are widely used to share feelings, if you want you can do it privately by sending your message directly to the person you want to send it or you can do it openly because you are not prejudiced and do not mind that your contacts know how in love you are or the state of your sentimental situation.

Love phrases

In the middle of the distance, I have learned to love you and value you more, I have learned to love your absence to value your presence, when you are here you will know that everything I keep silent, are ineffable cries of my body and my soul that claim your love and your tenderness».

In this article you will find some original phrases for you to express to your better half how you feel with this estrangement and in this way you can release a little of that sadness that overwhelms you and that happily will not last.

I have a lot of things to say: «Since you left I realized that the days were endless and I didn’t want to see the clock or the calendar anymore. I feel I will go crazy if you don’t come back soon. I feel like a bird without wings not being able to fly to you».

:: «I look at the threshold of my door every moment because I try to imagine that this nightmare is finally over and that you are going to surprise me by coming through my door. I can’t stand you being far away anymore, come back soon my love».

I need to hear your voice, to feel your steps when you are coming towards me, I need to feel the contact with your skin, I am not satisfied with just receiving a WhatsApp, I need much more from you, I need to feel that you are only mine».

Cute phrases for long distance love

There are many factors that can make a relationship difficult, and this varies depending on the situation of each couple. Many times the problems arise because of one of the people involved and others because of people outside the relationship. However, these factors become so strong that they prevent love from being possible. The problem with love is that it does not respect laws or social conventions; when it arises, there is nothing to stop it, and that is when problems often arise.

What is behind impossible loves? Sometimes we fall in love with people we shouldn’t, either because our families are against it, because the distance is too far, because that person is in another relationship, or because he or she is a famous person and we don’t even know him or her. But, whatever the situation, love is a problem and a painful situation, because the heart knows no prohibitions, and this universal feeling, just as it can fill you with joy, it can also make you suffer.  To tell the truth, some pains pass and others are only relieved, but feeling understood by some good phrases always helps.

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