Canciones de los 70 en español para bailar

Canciones de los 70 en español para bailar

Songs from the 60’s in spanish

The songs that you can’t miss in your wedding playlist are here. Maybe some of these classic English songs are more familiar than others, but as soon as you start listening to them, you’ll want to get out of your chair and start practicing for the big day.

Listen to the playlist of retro songs as many times as you like to see if they fit into the repertoire for your wedding, with this selection you will make a splash in your childhood or adolescence, and not only you, but also your friends and family. Also, remember that the classics never go out of style!

Music of the 80’s in spanish

The orchestral sound usually known as disco sound was based on the presence of string sections (violins, violas, cellos…) and brass, which developed linear phrases in unison, behind the instrumental base formed by the electric piano and electric guitar (with syncopated touches clearly taken from funk). Unlike in rock, the lead guitar is unusual.

The result was a kind of wall of sound, brilliant, with the orchestral groups taking the solo roles and with a harmonic background, based on a well-defined chord progression (minor/seventh/minor), with a predominance of major seventh chords.

At the same time the genre, already decadent, assimilated various influences from jazz and George Clinton’s stylized funk, generating new avenues of development (Acid Jazz, Groove) that flooded the discotheques of the USA and UK between 1980 and 1983. Among the first examples of Dance already recognizable, we find D.Train, Kashif or Patrice Rushen.

Dancing queen

The New York group initially did backing vocals on Barry McGuire’s original version. But once they did their own interpretation, the song was all theirs. This song about the nostalgia of the American West Coast became one of the most representative of the decade. As a curiosity, it would also be covered by José Feliciano on the B-side of his single Light My Fire, which is another of the great songs on this list.Listen to California Dreamin’

The band that Iggy Pop formed in Detroit at the end of the 60s left us memorable albums that were precursors of punk rock. From their debut album we rescue what is perhaps their most influential track, which stands out for the production of John Cale and his crushing use of the same piano note. You have heard this song in the third part of Transporter, in How I Met Your Mother or in GTA IV.Listen I Wanna Be Your Dog

One of the many hits signed by the Supremes, it was also one of Motown’s biggest hits, with its advice to fiery teenagers based on motherly love. It didn’t have the same magic when Phil Collins put the song back in the Top 10 in the early eighties, in a wave of boomer nostalgia.Listen to You can’t hurry love

Cadillac solitario (rockdelu…

The Jerez-born artist Lola Flores starred in the Spanish-Mexican movie ‘¡Ay, pena, penita, pena!’ in 1953. This was the first of nine musicals as well as the most successful one performed by the pharaoh.

This film is about the life of a gypsy singer who works in the sale of lottery tickets, converses with two Mexican brothers who buy one of the tickets, which turns out to be the winner. Finally they travel to Mexico and the protagonist triumphs as a singer.

They adopted the song when in 1961 their resistance broke down. Leaving the barracks, the legionnaires sang the song, becoming a symbol sung during the Foreign Legion parades.

Hit The Road Jack was written by Percy Mayfield and is made up of various musical styles such as blues, jazz or Soul. It was recorded and released on October 3, 1961 and performed by pianist Ray Charles and Marjorie Hendricks (backing vocalist of The Raelettes).

The original song tells the story of a boy who leaves home and ends up in a bar where he drowns his sorrows with alcohol. However, Raphael’s version of the song refers to a young man who goes out partying and hopes that it will end up being his best night finding love.

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