Canciones de desamor en español actuales

Canciones de desamor en español actuales


«Today nostalgia squeezes my soul, today the ghosts of your love call me, today I want to tell you why I could never forget you». If you don’t cry with this, there are two options: you are in denial or the nostalgia left your body a long time ago.

With this song you may cry at first, but then you will feel more liberated. Ariana reminds us that there comes a time when you say «here we go buddy». «This is the part where I tell you I don’t love you anymore, I’m stronger than I was before.» Cool.

«I’m not going to cry and say I don’t deserve this, because I probably do deserve it but I don’t want it. That’s why I’m leaving. Too bad but goodbye. I’m saying goodbye to you and I’m leaving.» With this plea, full of strength, Julieta decides to leave an unrequited love and go with the ‘positive’ spite elsewhere.

Give yourself the pleasure of knowing (or recognizing) this wonderful Uruguayan band that has revolutionized the rioplatense rock. This song, from their most recent production, is perfect for claiming loudly that you’re pissed off. Look at this phrase: «I look at your eyes and I don’t see anything good, the sting I don’t have, but I have the poison left.»

you promised

How many times has it happened to us that there are moments in our lives when we break up with our boyfriend that we want to listen to some kind of sad song? For that has been created this playlist «Sad Love Songs» so you can lock yourself in your room and listen again and again these songs that remind you of him or her.

People are a little bit of a nerd with this kind of things, but we like to listen to this kind of songs and escape from everything, remembering old times and that makes us fall some tears from time to time when we listen to the lyrics of a sad song that reminds us of him and her.

sad songs to cry

Jorge García …I have listened to the songs listed as sad, except for the two by Maná, but that’s as far as it goes, I can assure you that the song that makes me really cry every time I listen to it is «Era en Abril» sung by Baglietto, it’s beautiful but if you don’t get a tear in your eye it’s because you are from Titanio.

Krystal Medina …My sad song that is my favorite is Llore y Te Supere that song reminds me of my ex boyfriend who broke up with me and left me for another but in the end as the song says I cried and got over you.

the love he had for me

3. La mentira (Se te olvida)Better known as «Se te olvida», the bolero La mentira was composed by Álvaro Carrillo and has been covered by many international singers. The lover protests for the excuse of the breakup and, although he has elements to prevent it or to get even, he agrees to grant freedom: «For my part I return your promise to adore me / Don’t even feel sorry for leaving me / That this pact is not with God».

4. CarambaThis is, perhaps, one of the most beautiful songs by Venezuelan popular composer Otilio Galíndez. A deep lament, it oozes about the futures of a love that never was. «Caramba, mi amor, caramba / lo bello que hubiera sido / si tanto como te quise / así me hubieraieras querido.»

5. ¿Qué te pedí?Gabriel Luna de la Fuente and Fernando López Mulens gave the world this bolero that is, without a doubt, one of the best in history. It is the lover who claims to ungrateful love: «Pero qué te pedí / tu lo puedes al mundo decir / Que supieras que no hay en la vida otro amor / como mi amor» (But what did I ask of you / you can tell the world / That you knew that there is no other love in life / like my love).

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