Cadena ser hoy por hoy madrid

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CONTROL. CORTES Y MSICA DE ISABELThank you very much Isabel. We pause and come back.CONTROL. INDICATIVO HOY POR HOY MADRIDCONTROL. ADVERTISING.CONTROL. INDICATIVO HOY POR HOY MADRID12:30 CONTROL. MSICAIn the last few days we have heard a lot on different programs of Cadena SER about many historic stores that have had to close because the moratorium established in 1994 in the Law of Urban Leases on premises with old rents was coming to an end. In the best of the cases the owners of these historic stores were given the option of renegotiating the rent, but with the price multiplying several times, in the worst of the cases, the owner of the building denied the option of renegotiating the rent.Well, it is January 5th and we want to talk to some of these shop owners who have found themselves with this poisoned gift at the beginning of 2015.

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CONTROL. PUBLICITY.CONTROL. INDICATIVO HOY POR HOY MADRID13:00 HOURSCONTROL. NEWS BULLETINCONTROL. SINTONA HOY POR TODAY MADRIDWe are back hereCONTROL. MSICASIf there is someone who knows very well the public of CafCentral is Javier Krahe with whom we are going to share a part of this program. Javier Krahe has just released a CD and DVD with one of the many concerts he has given at CafCentral. He says that there has met a good part of supblico and there have had fun night after night. Hello Javier! Interview JAVIER KRAHE IN THE STUDIOCONTROL. SONGS TO PLAY DURING THE INTERVIEWHow is one of those concert nights at CafCentral?

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Since September 3, 2012, the program has been hosted by Pepa Bueno and Gemma Nierga as a result of a restructuring of Cadena SER’s programming. Carles Francino has become the afternoon host of the program La ventana, also on Cadena SER.

Myth or reality? We disprove the false truths that everyone takes for granted. Scientists, philosophers and the most renowned experts provide knowledge and critical sense to the ideas that are taken for granted.

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We live ahead of the times because of technological advances. Technology has entered our daily lives and we have embraced it with enthusiasm. And we use it knowing that it also uses us. The idea of this section is to learn how to relate to new aspects of reality such as Artificial Intelligence or Big Data with realistic information. As a guide to this new world we will have the journalist Jaime García Cantero, content director of El País Retina.

In this type of specials, during the second part of El Abierto, we usually interview the president of the autonomous community to which the locality belongs or a prominent political figure in the area, either a mayor or someone born in the same place.

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Information and opinion. Dieter Brandau analyzes, as only he knows how, everything that has happened during the day with the best summary of the radio, the keys, the sounds and the protagonists of the day. In addition, the best analysis with our reporters, commentators and experts, without forgetting the participation of the listeners, a fundamental part of the program.

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La Cafetera de Directed by Fernando Berlín. Live and recorded radio program. Pioneer Internet radio station. Born on May 14, 1997, broadcasting from a home. Ondas and International Press Club Award.

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