Preu peatge ap 7

Preu peatge ap 7

peatge gratuit ap7

The Barcelona – Tarragona highway allows greater fluidity also traveling from Tarragona to Barcelona by car, being one of the safest roads, allows us to reach our destination without inconvenience, suffer traffic jams or other inconvenience or retention. Since it will not be necessary to pay the toll to Tarragona or Alicante for the right of way, we will only have to take into account the stretch to travel, toll price and fuel costs.

The toll payment in Barcelona – Tarragona, was a fee paid to the concessionaire for the use of the highways. Whether for the payment of the concession itself for having built the lane or for maintenance, the price was fixed and paid at the same toll controls.

It is possible to calculate the fuel cost while driving in Barcelona – Tarragona. In this way, you will be able to know if the toll is expensive or less obvious compared to the gasoline you need to reach your destination.

When we drive through Barcelona – Tarragona, we are not aware of how much is the price per kilometer of the stretch, for this reason many times we do not take into account if we end up paying a high price for the journey.

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ap7 tolls

When we plan a long-distance trip, in addition to making sure that the car is in perfect condition for the journey, we also tend to look for the route that will get us to our destination first, where to get the cheapest gasoline, the tolls that we will find along the way, or even the radars that we will have to pay attention to during the trip.

Toll roads usually make our journeys shorter, but it is also important to know if the price we are going to pay is worth it. That is why we must take into account that the price of the toll will depend on the point of departure and the point of arrival, the type of vehicle and even whether it is rush hour or not.

For the price of tolls, vehicles are divided into light vehicles (those that pay the least), light industrial vehicles and heavy industrial vehicles (those that pay the most). Light vehicles include motorcycles with or without sidecar, passenger vehicles without trailer or with trailer, without twin wheel (double tire), and vans, vans and minibuses with 2 axles and 4 wheels. On the other hand, light industrial vehicles are 2-axle trucks and coaches, 3-axle trucks and coaches and 2-axle trucks and coaches with 1-axle trailer, passenger cars, vans, vans and minibuses (all 2-axle, 4-wheel), with 1-axle trailer with twin wheel (double tire).

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tram gratuït ap-7 tarragona barcelona

At that time, they charged without using barriers, and even from outside the booths to reduce queues. His son Esteve also worked on the AP-7. During the summer season, some 80 people were hired, while «now there’s nobody, it’s all machines», Esteve believes that it was time for the end of the highway concession: «They’ve already paid for it». Father and son are worried about who will be in charge of incidents on the infrastructure from now on: «The service has to be there, it has to be offered no matter what».

tolls catalonia

The tolls of the AP-7, AP-2, C-32 north and C-33 freeways will be out of service from 00.00 hours this Wednesday, when the concessions of Acesa and Invicat, both companies of the Abertis group, come to an end.

Both the Generalitat (which owns the C-32 north and C-33) and the Government (owner of the AP-7 and AP-2) have launched tenders for the management and maintenance of the roads, although the Government has already warned that this Tuesday an emergency work will be approved to start the dismantling of the toll plazas since the tender has been appealed.

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Both the Generalitat and the Government will assume the cost of management and maintenance of the roads until 2024 (when the Government and the EU agreed on the entry into force of a new financing model for the road network).

The Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, Raquel Sánchez, ruled out this Monday transferring to the Generalitat the management of the AP-7 and AP-2 in its sections in Catalonia, as recently demanded by the Minister of Digital Policies and Territory, Jordi Puigneró.

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