Kymco super dink 300i abs

Kymco super dink 300i abs

Scooter kymco 300 technical data

Leave your helmets and anything else you don’t need to take with you inside the Grand Dink’s top box. When you open the seat, assisted by a hydraulic shock absorber, you discover ample space for two full-face helmets. The seat’s direct attachment to the frame and a lock on each side ensure that everything you leave inside stays inside.

Because we know that one of your main drives is to respect the environment, the new Grand Dink 300 reduces fuel consumption and keeps emissions levels well below Euro 5 standards.


With so much space, the riding positions are generally comfortable on both, although the Sym is a little better solved thanks to a more welcoming seat – its lumbar support is the greater of the two – and better padding, and a lower footrest platform that allows you to stretch your legs more comfortably.

The Super Dink is a bit sportier in this respect. It carries more weight forward, the seat is more voluminous and harder, so we can move better, and the handlebar has its two levels less marked than in his opponent.

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As far as protection is concerned, there is nothing to criticize either. While the Kymco is very efficient at the bottom, because its aerodynamic shield is slightly wider and more enveloping, the Joymax manages to turn the situation around at the top, where its wider windscreen covers points such as the shoulders better. Regarding the height, they are more or less equal; in both our eyes will be together above, which will prevent us from having to look through them, since at least in the case of the Sym the vision is distorted a little.

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First contact with the Kymco Super Dink 300i with ABS. The sales figures show that the Kymco Super Dink, both in its 125 and 300 cc versions, are highly coveted scooters. Therefore, and not to lose positions, Kymco has evolved the ABS versions of both, especially the largest of the saga.

From the outside it certainly looks bulky, but once you «sit» inside it, the truth is that it seems more compact. With 189 kg declared with a full tank it is not a particularly light scooter when stationary, but in motion the «kilos» disappear to a large extent and its front end feels robust and acceptably fast. The overall pleasant feel, good aerodynamic protection and the large capacity of the under-seat storage space are other notable aspects of the scooter.

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It is expected to be marketed at the end of June at a price of 4,330 euros (3,880 euros without ABS). There is no doubt that the improvements received will help the Super Dink 300i to remain among the best-selling maxiscooter.

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It is undeniable that Kymco’s policy of increasingly distancing itself from the line of some Asian brands of offering motorcycles at any price without paying too much attention to the product has earned it not only a great reputation but also a loyal and satisfied clientele. As a result of this desire to offer quality and innovation at the right price, the current range was born, among which the undisputed reference is the Super Dink.

Having become a sales leader in our country, the Taiwanese firm’s model will now seek to continue in this good line with an improved version with ABS of both the 125 and the 300. The first to arrive in stores has been the Super Dink 300i ABS, which incorporates some new aesthetic details (several components change color and improve their finish) but, above all, a new braking system.

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The anti-lock system has been developed in collaboration with the German firm Bosch, one of the international benchmarks in this type of equipment and in which Kymco has already relied on models such as the Xciting 500i R ABS, the top model of its range of scooters.

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